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Genealogy: Slovakia

Diese Seite ist auch in Deutsch verfügbar.

sl -slovak
ger - German
hung - hungarian
Gsp. - Gespannschaft (z^upa, Komitat), roughly a county
N, E, W, S, M - North, East, West, South, Middle
Sl - Slovakia

Table of Contents:

General Information

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Societies and Clubs

These societies are small non-profit societies with tight budgets and staffed largely by elderly volunteers. Always include return postage (which is much higher in Europe than here--an airmail letter from Germany to the US costs DM 3, or $2), and, if the question is likely to be time-consuming, an appropriate donation. Please note that personal checks are nearly useless. Any money order bought at your supermarket will do, though not postal money orders, which are valid only in the U.S.

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Genealogical and Historical Documents

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Gazetteers and Maps

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Archives and Libraries

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Other countries and regions

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  • Folklore and Customs
    See German page.
  • Historical Societies
    None working in English at this point. Karpatendeutsches Kulturwerk Slowakei
    Stadtbibliothek-Archiv Sammlungen; Suedlicher Herrenhof 1; 76133 Karlsruhe; Germany
    Has exposition of Carpathian German folklore, archives etc. Exposition is in Schloss Karlsburg, Pfinztalstrasse, D-76227 Karlsruhe. Website: Kulturwerk

    Karpatendeutsche Landsmannschaft in Oesterreich
    Quellenstrasse 95; 1100 Wien; Austria. Publishes bi-monthly Heimatblatt. Like Karpatenpost, but centered more on news concerning people from Pressburg (today Bratislava).

    Heimatmuseum der Stadtgemeinde Hainburg--Karpatendeutsche Heimatstube
    Wienertor, A-2140 Hainburg/Donau. Tel: 02165/62111. Open from Mai to October.
    See: Hainburg, klick K in the index.

    Slovak National Museum-- Carpathian German Department
    Muzeum kultury karpatskych Nemcov; Dr. Ondrej Poess, Director
    Zizkova 14; SK-81436 Bratislava; Republic of Slovakia
    Excellent exhibition of Carpathian German culture. Worth seeing if in Pressburg (Bratislava). It is located since Summer 1997 in a pretty renovated old building under the old castle, right next to the Archaeological Museum, in one of the few buildings left of the old Zuckermandler Street.Tel: (421) 7-5315570, FAX 7-5315557. (421) is the international telephone code for Slovakia.
    Webpage: Muzea and Museum.
    E-Mail: muzeumkkn@ba.telecom.sk .

  • Emigration
  • Occupations
  • Etymology

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    Other Internet Resources

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