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Geography of the Region

Sathmar (Romanian "Satu-Mare", Yugoslavian "Satmar/Satmer", Hungarian "Szátmar/Szatmárnémeti", Latin "Szathmarium") and Salaj (Hungarian Szilágy) are today in the northwest corner of Romania, close to the borders with Hungary and the Ukraine. The center of settlement was Groß Karol (Romanian "Carei-Mare", Hungarian "Nagykároly).

Note: not to be confused with the Satu Mare in Bukovina, which shares this common name (translated "Big Village").

See this map of the region from Die Sathmarer Schwaben. Kurzgefasste Geschichte der Volksgruppe zur 250-Jahrfeier 1712-1962 by Stefan Schmied (published Leubas 1962).

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History of the Region

Sathmar was originally under a count who was subservient to a prince who ruled Siebenbürgen. This territory was won from the Ottoman Empire by the Austrian Empire between 1691 and 1699 and colonization proceeded not long afterward.

The German settlers in Sathmar and Salaj were almost entirely Catholic and descend from German emigrants from Oberschwaben (Bodengebiet including Biberach and Ravensburg) and Franconia (Franken), who were brought by the Hungarian counts Karolyi between 1712 and 1812 as farmers to their properties. The only Protestant Sathmar village was Hodod (German: Kriegsdorf, approximately 30 km southeast of Bildegg) which between 1744 and 1751 under the leadership of Baron Franz Wesselény was settled by 30 families from Baden-Durlach. Some 2,072 families in 32 communities were settled as farmers.

At the outbreak of the Second World War approximately 50,000 Donauschwaben were resident.

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Associations and Societies

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Colonies List

Donauschwaben Village List.

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Books describing the history and genealogy of the entire Sathmar region.

Literature describing the history and genealogy of localities in Sathmar can be found with the entry for the individual community in the Sathmar Village List.

We have not yet been able to find Ortssippenbücher, Familienbücher - or other works - for the following localities:
Batartsch, Beschened, Burlescht, Groß Tarna, Josefhausen, Kaplan, Kapnik, Klein Sukunden, Madras, Merken, Mittelstadt, Nanten, Neupalota, Neustadt, Saiten, Santau, Schamagosch, Schandra, Schinal, Stanislau, Sukunden, Taschnad, Terem, Turterbesch, Wahlei, Waroli, Zillenmarkt.

Heimatblätter: Drei Bindeglieder, Maitingen, Gilwatsch, Terebesch, der 32 sathmarschwäischen Siedlungen. Heimatblatt.

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