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Errata for the popular gazetteer

Donauschwäbisches Ortsnamenbuch

now in its second edition, compiled by Isabella Regenyi and Anton Scherer and published by the AKdFF in 1987. The book comprises 204 pages and 12 enclosed maps; it sells for DM 25.-

Note: Many communities that are in the book are not on the accompanying maps.

page 32: Backi Dobro Polje should read Backo Dobro Polje

page 39: under Belac: Kaksd should read Kakasd?

page 47: Bosnjaci belongs on page 46

page 51: need see reference for Bulkes

page 52: is Cainci the German name for Cacinci?

page 61: need see reference for Deutsch Sartscha

and: Satnitz as the German for Djakovacka Satnica

and: is Selze the German name for Djakovacki Selci?

page 62: Dobrinci is southeast of Ruma, not southwest

and for Doboj: spelling mistake in *Bezirksstadt*

page 65: second Dubrava entry is out of order

and Dubravita should read Dumbravita (suburb of Timisoara)

page 68: need see reference for Etschka

page 70: double reference: Ferdinandshöhe "s. Kvaternik", yet on page 108, for Kvaternik, "s. Putnikovo Brdo"

page 71: missing reference for Franzjosefsfeld (i.e. see Novo Selo); this is major since otherwise one would think only one FJF exists in Donauschwaben land

page 72: perhaps add that there's also a Gajdobra in present-day Hungary, about halfway between Budapest and Kecskemet?

page 75: need see reference for Halta (i.e. cf. Iermata Vii Halta). This is probably the railway-stop of Viile Iermata (the vineyards of Iermata) today Giarmata-Vii. It is surely the same place. Since "Romanian times" there are some villages where the railway-station has a different name than the village. "Halta" means Stop, not really a station (Halte-Stelle or -Station from the Austro-Hungarian times). I remember there was a "Pavilione Halta" at the other end of town. It was a stop for railway workers who lived there in two or three blocks of flats. To make the confusion complete I found on a map from 1914 the place Kisgyarmatpuszta and nearby Überland with around 10 houses. They must have been amalgamated and are now Giarmata-Vii, a suburb of Timisoara. As far as I know Überland was founded in the 19th century by people from other villages who bought their land.

page 76: spelling mistake in "cf. Glognoj/J"

page 78: Gabarje is out of order (belongs on page 72)

page 80: need see reference from Gross Pasijan to Pasijan

and: Gunja is southeast not northwest of Zupanja

page 86: Horis should read Horia

page 87: Ianova: missing reference from Margitfalva

page 92: is there a connection between Ober Josefsdorf (Josipovac) and Krawitz (Kravice) on page 105?

page 93: Kamraasch is out of order

page 94: Kanjiza is listed as "NO-Batschka/J" which can be misleading. It means that it is in the northern part of the Yugoslavian Batschka, rather than in the North Batschka.

page 96: missing Kecsa (= Checea); about 40 kilometers or 24 miles northwest of Timisoara, close to Hatzfeld

page 99: Kistormas: add "s. Kolesd" and delete the next line

page 101: need see reference from Klein Pasijan to Pasijan

and: Klokocevci: should read Geb. Slawonien

page 103: Konstantia, cf. Lunga

page 108: Lacarak is northwest of Sremska *Mitrovica*

page 109: need see reference for Latscharak (cf. Lacarak)

page 110: missing reference for Lichtenwald (= Comeat, 15km south of Lippa)

page 114: Mahovljany is northeast of Banja Luka not east

page 115: Mandjelos: add Mancelos as see reference

page 116: missing reference for Margitfalva (=Ianova); the name of the village had been Janova (Temesjeno in Hungarian. Double acutes on o. See: Jeno -> Janova) up to 1893. Then between 1893-1910 the name was changed to Margitfalva. Following WW1 the territory went to Romania, and the name became Ianova. Ianova is some 10 miles NE of Timisoara.

page 124: add reference for Nagybikacs (cf. Bikac)

page 125: missing reference for Nagyoroszi (=Charleville)

page 131: need see reference Nuschtar (cf. Nustar)

page 133: Ogar is actually south of Ruma (rather than "bei Ruma")

page 138: Palota/Ujpalota is directly west of Gross Wardein and today probably a suburb thereof

page 139: Pasijan is composed of Gross- (Veliki) and Klein- (Mali) Pasijan

page 143: Plandiste is northwest of Werschetz, not north

page 151: need see reference from Saad to Szagy

page 152: another variant for Sajkas is Schajkasch

page 159: need see reference for Selzi (cf. Selci)

and: Sibovska is south of Prujavor, not east

and: Sidski Towarnik is out of order

page 161: Sinpetru(l) Mare and Sinpetru(l) Nou have amalgamated

and: Sinpetru(l) Mic is also known as Totina

page 164: Pudapest should read Budapest

page 166: need an entry for Donja Varos

page 170: need see reference from Szecsany to Seceani

and: under Szalatnak: Mahocs should read Mohacs ?

page 171: need see reference for Szentborbala (cf. Soltur)

page 173: entry for Szineke (a filial of St. Anna; possibly not included if fewer than 10 Germans)

and: need see reference for Szolthurn (cf. Soltur); at present this information is on p205

page 178: for interest's sake only - suburbs of Timisoara are: Chisoda, Dumbravita, Ghiroda, Giarmata-Vii, and Giroc.

page 179: is Thoran the German name for Toranj?

page 181: Travnik is southeast of Banja Luka not southwest

page 183: Turbe is out of order (belongs on page 182)

and: missing see reference for Turwall (cf. Kleinturwall)

page 184: Ujpetre is northeast not southeast of Siklos

page 188: add Wetschesch as the German for Vecses

page 189: missing reference for Veliko Selo (cf. Banatsko Veliko Selo); at present this information is on p205

and add: Welimirowatz as the German for Velimirovac

page 190: Vinye should be deleted or the entry changed to reflect its location by Budapest

page 191: Visnye is out of order

page 194: need see reference for Wetschesch (cf. Vecses)

page 196: need see reference for Zatta (cf. Sotin)

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