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German Genealogy: Transylvania Village List

- General Information -

Since it is an impossible task to include all communities (over 3600), criteria for the inclusion of the approximately 250 communities in this list are: In most instances, several of the above apply; a few additional entries reflect the multiplicity of communities having the same name. A diversion .
  1. VILLAGE NAMES: If you are searching for a specific village or are unsure of the spelling of the village name, start with the index page . Here, the village names (regardless of the language: German, Hungarian, Romanian or in dialect) are given in alphabetical order without any accents or Umlauts (e.g. Schäßburg is given on the index page as Schassburg). Use the table of contents and the searching capabilities of your Web browser to find the name of your village. A click on this name will lead you to the record for this village. Of course, all different names for a village lead to the same record.
  2. LOCATION: All communities are in Romania.
    The approximate distance to a larger village is given in order to facilitate finding it on maps. You may also want to have a look at some interactive maps available on-line (for example MapQuest) . Use the official name of the village as given in the list.

    You can also browse through the list. It is sorted alphabetically (using the German name). Due to the large number of villages and to reduce loading time, this list has been split into 8 smaller sections:

    A-C    D-G    H-J    K-L   M-N    O-R    S    TZ


SOURCES used in the compilation of this list:
If you have additions to the contents of individual entries or find mistakes (and there will be some!) please let us know.
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