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Baden-Württemberg History Ortssippenbücher Ortsverz. Württemb.

Table of Contents:

  1. General Information
  2. Associations and Societies
  3. Genealogical and Historical Records
  4. Gazetteers and Maps
  5. Bibliography and Literature
  6. Archives and Libraries
  7. Miscellaneous
  8. Other Internet Resources

1. General Information

Description of the research area

  • Introduction
    • State in the southwest of the Federal Republic of Germany
    • 35,751 square kilometres
    • 10.2 millions inhabitants (2001)
    • Capital of the state is Stuttgart
  • Political Divisions today
    • 4 administrative districts (Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Freiburg, Tübingen)
    • 35 rural districts and 9 urban districts.
    • 1110 municipalities.
      Only the seven largest cities have more than 100,000 inhabitants.
  • Religious Divisions (Administrative or Diocesan w/church communities in each)
    • About 47 per cent of the inhabitants are catholics, 46 per cent evangelical.


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2. Associations and Societies

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3. Genealogical and Historical Records

  • Church Records

    • The church records of the evangelical Regional Church of Württemberg are in general still in the particular vicarages. The duplicates of the church records (1808-1875) as well as microfilms of most of the church records are in the Landeskirchlichen Archiv at Stuttgart (cf. the chapter archives).
    • At the evangelical Regional Church archive at Karlsruhe are about 670 church records from 117 parishes.
    • Duplicates of church records 1810-1870 for all parishes in Baden of the today's administrative district of Karlsruhe are in the Generallandesarchiv Karlsruhe.
    • Duplicates of church records for the administrative district of Freiburg can be found in the Public Record Office of Freiburg.
    • Catholic church records and duplicates of church records (since 1870) are in the archiepiscopal archive in Freiburg.
    • For the Catholic church records in the archive of the diocese Rottenburg, see the chapter archives.

  • Civil Registration Records

  • Other Records

    • Land Records
    • Military Records

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4. Gazetteers and Maps

  • Gazetteers (all German language)
    • Das Land Baden-Württemberg, Official Description by districts and municipalties, 8 volumes. Ed.: Public archive administration Baden-Württemberg. Publisher W.Kohlhammer, Stuttgart, 1974-1983.
    • Württemberg - The Kingdom, A description by districts, Oberämtern and municipalties, 4 volumes. Stuttgart, 1904-1907.
    • Beschreibung der einzelnen württembergischen Oberämter, published by the royal statistical-topographical bureau. 1st edition 1824-1884, partially a 2nd edition has been published.
    • J. Bader: BADENIA orDas badische Land und Volk (1839-1844)
      The 3-volumes work contains the description and history of the various badenian landscapes, the remarkable cities and villages, the former cloisters, citadels and hill-castles. The complete inventory of all about and in Baden published writings, books of plates and maps has to be emphasized. Local sciences with cards, lithographies and national images.
    • H.J.Pauli: Ortsverzeichnis Baden
    • List of villages in Hohenzollern.
    • List of cities, villages, ... in the former kingdom of Württemberg.
  • Atlases and Maps
    Landesvermessungsamt Baden-Württemberg,
    P.O.Box 10 29 62, D-70025 Stuttgart, Phone (0711) 123-2831 (dial through of the maps sales department)
    There one can also get the register Gemeinden und Gemeindeteile in Baden-Württemberg, Edition 1994, with approximatly 7300 place-names together with the district the place belongs to today.
    Map of Baden from 1771
    as a survey (51 KB) or large (584x900 Pixel 212 KB!)
    Map of Württemberg from 1789
    as a survey (60 KB) or large (1252x1754 Pixel 393 KB!)

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5. Bibliography and Literature

  • Bibliography
    • Heyd, Wilhelm: Bibliographie der württembergischen Geschichte. 1895-1974 (11 Bände). Fortgesetzt von Theodor Schön, Otto Leuze, Heinrich Ihme, Wolfgang Irtenkauf.
    • Lautenschlager, Friedrich: Bibliographie der badischen Geschichte. 1929-1984 (9 Bände). Fortgesetzt von Werner Schulz.
    • Bernhardt, Walter und Rudolf Seigel: Bibliographie der Hohenzollerischen Geschichte. 1975.
    • Landesbibliographie von Baden-Württemberg. Hrsg. durch die Kommision für geschichtliche Landeskunde Baden-Württemberg in Verbindung mit den Landesbibliotheken Karlsruhe und Stuttgart. 1978-2001 (18 Bände, wird fortgesetzt)

  • Historical Literature
  • Lists of Church Records
    Hermann Franz: Die Kirchenbücher in Baden
    Inventories of the non-state-controlled archives in Baden-Württemberg, No.4 (3rd edition Karlsruhe 1957).
    Dr. M. Duncker: Verzeichnis der württembergischen Kirchenbücher
    2nd edition 1938. A reprint with supplements (table of contents, wastes of church records in the periode 1939-1945, temporary affilation of a vicarage to another parish) has been published by the Varia-Verlag.

  • Genealogical Literature
    Publications of the VFWKWB
    Unit publications and serveral series.
    Family books of villages and parishes
    The Ortssipenbücher of Baden and Württemberg are available in several libraries, e.g. in the library of the Vereins für Familien- und Wappenkunde and at the Landeskirchlichen Archiv, both located in Stuttgart. You may ask for availability and further information at:
    Neues Württembergisches Dienerbuch
    compiled by W.Pfeilsticker, vol. 3: Registers of persons and locations, corrections and improvements. Reprint of the edition Stuttgart 1974.
    DM 258,-. Lithos-Verlag, Stuttgart.
    by: Antiquariat Steinkopf, Marienstr. 3, D-70178 Stuttgart, Tel. (0711) 2264021
    Württembergische Familienstiftungen
    Ferdinand Faber, 4 volumes+supplement, in all 33 numbers
    Kirchenregister von 1721
    Evangelische Theologen in Württemberg von der Reformation bis 1721, 990 Seiten.
    Veteranen-Chronik der Krieger Badens 1792-1815
    Names, occupation, residence, summary of war events. Karlsruhe 1843.
    Veteranen-Chronik der Veteranen, die in württembergischen Diensten Feldzüge mitgemacht
    Names, occupation, residence, summary of war events 1792-1815. Cannstatt 1840.
    Veteranen-Appell in Württemberg
    before Kaiser Wilhelm II on December 04, 1910.

  • Directories

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6. Archives and Libraries

  1. Public Archives
    Generallandesarchiv Karlsruhe
    Nördliche Hildapromenade 2, D-76133 Karlsruhe
    Hauptstaatsarchiv Stuttgart
    Konrad-Adenauer-Str. 4, D-70173 Stuttgart
    Staatsarchiv Freiburg
    Colombiastr. 4, D-79098 Freiburg
    Staatsarchiv Ludwigsburg
    Schloß Ludwigsburg, Schloßstr. 30, D-71634 Ludwigsburg
    Staatsarchiv Sigmaringen
    Strohdorfer Str. 11, D-72488 Sigmaringen
    Staatsarchiv Wertheim
    Bronnbach 19, D-97877 Wertheim
    Hohenlohe Zentralarchiv
    Neuenstein - Schloß, Neuenstein/Württemberg

  2. Church Archives
    Evangelisches Landeskirchliches Archiv
    Blumenstr. 1, D-76133 Karlsruhe
    Landeskirchliches Archiv der Evangelischen Landeskirche in Württemberg
    Balingerstr. 33/1, 70567 Stuttgart-Möhringen, Tel. (0711) 2140-254
    Erzbischöfliches Archiv Freiburg
    Herrenstr. 35, D-79098 Freiburg
    Bischöfliches Ordinariat, Diözesanarchiv,
    Bischöfliches Palais, Eugen-Bolz-Platz 1, D-72108 Rottenburg
    (cf. Information zu Kirchenbüchern im Diözesanarchiv Rottenburg)

  3. Archives of religious communities
    Archiv der Herrenhuter Brüdergemeinschaft
    Zinzendorfplatz 3, D-78126 Königsfeld, Phone (07725) 93820

  4. Private Archives
    Historisch-Demographische Dokumentationsstelle für Südwestdeutschland
    Prof. Dr. Burkhart Oertel, Brunhildenstr. 4B, D-85579 Neubiberg, Phone (089) 6015316

  5. Libraries
    Library of the Vereins für Familien- und Wappenkunde
    in Württemberg and Baden
    Württembergische Landesbibliothek Stuttgart
    Konrad-Adenauer-Str. 8, D-70173 Stuttgart
    Badische Landesbibliothek Karlsruhe
    Erbprinzenstraße 15, D-76133 Karlsruhe
    Library in the Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen
    Charlottenplatz 17, D-70173 Stuttgart

  6. LDS FHC's
    (Family History Centers of the Church of Latter Days Saints (Mormons))
    In Baden-Württemberg in Stuttgart and in Karlsruhe. For the addresses, see FHC's addresses in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

  7. A list of archives in Baden-Württemberg, maintained by Andreas Hanacek.

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7. Miscellaneous

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8. Other WWW Internet resources
(non-genealogical information)

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